History of Baisakhi

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With the onset of the Baisakhi Festival, one gets the chance to reap new crops that simultaneously indicate the arrival of a new year. The notable time of harvest brings a special gaiety especially to the farmers of Punjab. The auspicious month of April instigates Sikhs to honor the bond in which the revered Guru Gobind Singh tied all the Sikhs together. The important ritual of 'Amrit Sanchar' in the year 1699, which doled out the respected title of 'Khalsa' to the baptized Sikhs is the religious aspect of Sikhs that gets assorted every year with the festivities of the New Year. Devoted Sikhs across the world make it a point to join various Sikh parades that sing the praise of their entire Khalsa community and add an explicit color to the Vaisakhi Festival. Gurudwaras seem to be flooded with Sikhs and the mood of unending Baisakhi celebrations spreads in every nook and corner around them.

According to Hindus, Vaisakhi celebrations bring along Baisakh, the essential first month initiating the New Year of the Hindu calendar. To Hindus, Baisakh also consist of the meaningful spiritual essence that they wait to celebrate in Baisakh.

Apart from Sikhs and Hindus, people from multifarious regions of India find themselves drenched in the flavor of Baisakhi. In Himachal Pradesh, one can witness how people participate to pay obeisance to the Sun god. In Punjab, one can spot enthusiastic Sikhs rejoicing and dancing to the 'dhol' beats that form a crucial part of Vaisakhi celebrations. Even in the places like Canada and Manhattan, one can easily find colossal gatherings of Sikh people and others who have their religious faiths imbued in the significance of Baisakhi. People make it a point to start their festivities with religious 'kirtans'. All of them get into the groove of Baisakhi and hope to extend these celebrations to all the days that form the part of the successive year.

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