Baisakhi Mela

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Baisakhi Mela is the only Sikh festival with a preset date, 13th April. It was the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre that happened on 13th April 1919. This mela is also a tribute or in remembrance to this Amritsar Massacre. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru in 1699 introduced the concept of the Khalsa(Sikh Order) at a baisakhi gathering. The Sikhs on this day get together to listen to Sikh teachings. It is basically a moment occasion for political as well as religious speeches.

This Mela is a very colorful festival with a lot of vivid bright colors that can be seen everywhere. These colors add life to these fairs. The men and women dress up in bright, vibrant colors to depict their happiness of the good harvest and prosperity. Laughter and shouts of Jatta aayi Vaisakhi can be heard everywhere.

Attractions of the Mela:

Bhangra and gidda the folk dance of Punjab are the main performances of this mela. There are many other events that entertain and fascinate the people like; singing, wrestling bouts, lots of games, swings for children. Giant wheels and merry go- rounds completely take over the attention of the children and adults too.

There are stalls which are filled with beautiful, colorful clothes, bangles and trinkets which catch the eye of the women folk and then there is nothing stopping them. Stalls selling toys are filled with little children trying to get hold of the toy they fancy the most. Food stalls are as usual absolutely full. One gets to eat the famous 'punjabi kahana' like 'makki di roti' and 'sarson ka saag.'

Celebrated everywhere:

The Baisakhi Mela is not restricted to Punjab, there are Sikhs and Punjabis staying in other parts of the world too so it's celebrated all over the globe. The Baisakhi fairs organized abroad also witness the presence of Indian singers and actors. It is the major high level of energy and excitement that pulls people towards the mela. Culture and community barriers are pushed away for everyone to be a part of this celebration. The baisakhi mela celebrations are open for everyone irrespective of whom you are and where you come from.

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